Government of Gondor

Tarondor, Minastir son of Minastan Title Suomeksi Background
    Othirhan   Lord Chamberlain Kamariherra Former private secretary of Vinyaran
      Raimond Arandal Chief Gentleman, Groom of the Stool Kuninkaan lakeija Novelist, second son of count Orvellon Arandal of Nindalf
      Emelduin Court Physician Hovivälskäri Sister in the Houses of Healing
      Rhunwen Coruvegil, Countess of Forithilduin Court Astrologer Hoviastrologi Grand Mistress of Tathrond (University of Minas Ithil) and the Secret Collegium
      Artamir Faron Royal Huntsmaster   Gay friend of King Tarondor
      Corinna Court Painter Hovimaalari  
  Small Cabinet      
  Ecthelion na Emyn Arnen, Condir of Thamas Neldor King's Steward, Minister of the Palantiri, Käskynhaltija Minister of the Palantiri, Vice-Secretary at the Office of Decrees
    Maratar, Lord of Erelas Warden of the Post, Deputy Minister of the Palantiri (Anor) Postiministeri Private Secretary of Ecthelion
      Thoronar Elvellon Astirian Master of the Post Alivaltiosihteeri Captain (Brotherhood of Aulë), mathematician
      Baralin na Ram Galen Private Secretary of the Post Yksityissihteeri Horseman (Company of the White Tree), playwright
    Isilmo Curimardin Lord-Captain of the Tower Tornin Kapteeni  
      Cosimo Curimardin (Tower Guard) 1st Lieutenant of the Tower Tornin Luutnantti  
      Beregond na Hithoel (Tower Guard) 2nd Lieutenant of the Tower Tornin Luutnantti  
    Lúthien Asgaril-Rian, Lady Dimrost Minister of the Palantiri (Anor) Kiveenkatsoja Former confidant and double of Queen Mírien of Gondor
    Mirgon Oiomure, Count of Ard-Galen Minister of the Palantiri (Ithil) Kiveenkatsoja  
      Earbaldol Deputy Minister of the Palantiri (Ithil) Varakiveenkatsoja Former Court Astrologer
  Vergorion Lord High Chancellor Lordikansleri Former State Secretary of Decrees, Law Lord and solicitor
    Saelon Agarinna, Count of Umb Estelwain State Secretary of Decrees, Asetusvaliokunnan valtiosihteeri Scholar and antiquarian
      Prince Elatar Undersecretary of Decrees Asetusvaliokunnan alivaltiosihteeri  
  Tarassar, Count of Elena Lord High Justice Oikeuskansleri Former Law Lord
      Erundil Valamorna Vice-Secretary of the King's Bench Kuninkaan Istuimen alivaltiosihteeri Former judge
       Gilvar-Habadan Elemir, Lord Abad Elemir Vice-Secretary of the Exchequer Vetoomustuomioistuimen alivaltiosihteeri  
    Damrod Harnastin-Celosien State Secretary of the Chancery Kamarikollegion valtiosihteeri  
      Aderthad Anarríma, Lord Carlost Vice-Secretary of the Chancery Kamarikollegion alivaltiosihteeri  
  Gundor Othnir Law Lord Lakineuvos Younger brother of count Harvellon Othnir
    Romer Targilion King's Herald Kuninkaan heraldi Gay friend of King Tarondor
      Palammir Rian, Lord of Thamas Adlannar Vice-Secretary of the Estates Säätyvaliokunnan alivaltiosihteeri Scholar, novelist, banker
  Irhalmir Lord High Treasurer, Master of Rents and Taxes Rahainvartija Former Comptroller-General of the Royal Host and Master of Ordnance
      Beor Caranthan Vice-Treasurer Apulaisrahainvartija Former Warden of the Post
    Egalmoth of Emyn Arnen, Condir of Imloth Melui Minister of Works Julkisten töiden ministeri  
      ? Vice-Secretary of the Works Julkisten töiden alivaltiosihteeri  
    Cambal Caranthan Warden of the Mint Rahapajen ylivalvoja  
      Ingared Colben Master of the Mint (Minas Anor) Rahapajan johtaja  
      Moridic na Lochen Master of the Mint (Pelargir) Rahapajan johtaja  
      Arcambion Master of the Mint (Linhir) Rahapajan johtaja  
  Dostir Maldring, Count of Haerlond Master of Spies, Councillor of Anfalas Tiedustelupäällikkö  
  Prince Vinyaran, Condir of Osgiliath Captain of the Hosts Valtamarski  
    Gildor Astirian Captain-General of Gondor Gondorin kapteeni Former commander of the Anor Guards Regiment
      Anardil Araglas Herdir Roechbin Aran (Dagorwaith Annui)   Former commander of the Romenost Ironsides
      Rochir Ardaric Herdir Roechbin Aran (Dagorwaith Romen)   Former captain of the Eothraim
      Húrin Orchaldor, Condir of Bar Orchaldor Herdir Vagorim Aran (Dagorwaith Nethren)   Former commander of the Reserve army of Lebennin
      Ulraed Curimardin Master of Foot (Reserve army of Lebennin)   Former commander of the Pelargir Garrison
      Caliban Agarinna, Lord of Harbarad Master of Foot (Reserve army of Anfalas)    
      Curvegil Harnastin, Count of Calenhad Master of Foot (Reserve army of Anórien)   Former commander of Anor Guards Regiment and commander of Anor Light Regiment
      Haldamir Caranthan Master of Ordnance   Former Master of Procurement of the Royal Host
    Elenaerion President of the Navy Board   Former Master of Haven in Pelargir
    Findamir Rian, Condir of Bar-en-Dinnen Captain of the Ships   Former flag-admiral of the Pelargir Fleet
      Uther Morvegil Vice-Admiral   Former rear-admiral of the Pelargir Fleet
      Tarlanc Amaltar-Roval Rear-Admiral   Former flag-admiral of the Linhir Fleet
      Ercamir Serni Flag-Admiral    
      Hallacar na Hyarpendë Flag-Admiral    
      Nestor Talahir Captain of Odo Lynd    
      Nimroch Elendurion Master of Galleys    
  Carnam, Count of Astirian Councillor of Anórien    
  Prince Mindacil Warden of Anórien, Prince-President of Minas Anor    
      Amarthor Procurator of Anórien    
  Orbeleg (Oleg) Alagdor Councillor of Ithilien    
  Turin Wilwarin Warden of Ithilien    
    Gundor Faerdur, Count of Cirith Ungol Prince of Minas Ithil    
      Dorias Procurator of Ithilien    
  Restimar, Count of Serni Councillor of Lebennin    
    Raimond Serni Governor of Lebennin    
      Moreinion Orchaldor-Eldalótë, Condir of Pelargir Bursar of Lebennin    
  Borlas, Condir of Ethring Councillor of Lamedon    
    Ciril-Eärnil Governor of Lamedon    
  Dostir Maldring, Count of Haerlond Councillor of Anfalas, Master of Spies    
    Duinhir Falassion, Lord of Tir Eiliant Governor of Anfalas    
  Bregor Badhor Captain of Tolfalas & Methir    
  Belatar Araglas, Lord Angrenost, Condir of Imdorad Canotar of Northern Gondor    



  King's Small Cabinet Colleges   Offices   State Secretaries Vice-Secretaries

The King →


King's Steward
Royal appointments, access to the King, foreign relations The Haste Post
Kuninkaan posti
Postal service, intelligence gathering and tending of the beacon-fires Warden of the Post Masters of the Post
Tower Guard
Tornin kaartinkomppania
Internal security Lord Captain of the Tower Lieutenant of the Tower
Lord High Chancellor
Internal relations, keeping of the Great Seal of Gondor Office of Decrees
Drawing up decrees and laws agreed upon at Great Courts by the Council of Gondor, or issued by the King State Secretary of Decrees Vice-Secretary of Decrees
Lord High Justice
Judiciary College
Operation of courts King's Bench
Kuninkaan istuin
Highest court of justice, dealing with crimes against the Crown, treason, necromancy etc. (Lord High Justice) Vice-Secretary of the King's Bench
Exchequer of Pleas
Kuninkaallinen vetoomustuomioistuin
Common law court that covers "common pleas", actions between subject and subject which do not concern the King (Law Lord) Vice-Secretary of the Exchequer
Court of Chancery
Kamarikollegion istuin
Court of equity, with jurisdiction over trusts, land law, inheritances and the guardianship of infants State Secretary of the Chancery Vice-Secretary of the Chancery
Law Lord   Office of Estates
Keeps track of land ownership, genealogies and titles King's Herald Vice-Secretary of the Estates
Lord High Treasurer
Cabinet College →
  Office of Bursary
Collection of royal dues and revenues, protection of the royal treasury Master of Rents and Taxes Vice-Treasurer
Office of Works
Julkisten töiden osasto
Royal demesnes, forests and chases, roads and civil structures outside the purview of towns or local lords. Minister of Works Vice-Secretary of the Works
Royal Mint
Operation of mines and minting of new coins Warden of the Mint Masters of the Mint
Captain of the Hosts
War College
  Royal Army
Kuninkaallinen armeija
Captain-General of Gondor Masters of Horse
Masters of Foot
Navy Board
  Royal Navy
Kuninkaallinen laivasto
Captain of the Ships Admirals of the Fleet
Master of Spies →
Watchers of the Stones
Kiveen Katsojat
Gathering intelligence Tunas Dolen
Salainen palvelu

Great Council of Gondor

Suuri Neuvosto

Anórien Landsmeet →

Ithilien Landsmeet →

Lebennin Landsmeet →

Anfalas Landsmeet →

Lamedon Landsmeet →

Grand Prince of Belfalast →

Mornan Landsmeet →

Calenardhon Landsmeet →

Regional Counsellors →

Maakuntien valtaneuvokset

Warden of Anórien (appointed by Small Cabinet)

High Reeves
Ithilien Warden of Ithilien (appointed by Small Cabinet)
High Reeves
Lebennin Warden of Lebennin (nominated by Great Council)
High Reeves
Anfalas Warden of Anfalas (nominated by Great Council)
High Reeves
Lamedon Warden of Lamedon (nominated by Great Council)
High Reeves
Grand Principality of Belfalas        
Principality of Mornan        
Calenardhon Canotar of Northern Gondor → Governor of Calenardhon (appointed by canotar)    
    Dor Rhúnen Governor of Dor Rhúnen (appointed by canotar)    
    Dor 'Wathui Governor of Dor 'Wathui (appointed by canotar)    
    Andrast Prince of Andrast    
    Tolfalas Captain-Governor of Tolfalas & Methir (appointed by War College)